Make the Most of Summer's Bounty!

Good nutrition doesn’t have to consist of inflexible rules or mean you have to sacrifice taste. Summer’s bounty makes it easier than ever to eat healthily and deliciously with loads of gorgeous fruits and vegetables! Farmers’
markets offer many summer delights at reasonable prices. Here are some tips to help you enjoy all that summer has to offer:

Physical Activity: It's Never Too Late!

Physical Activity: It’s Never Too Late!

Benefits of Exercise:

As is the case with younger adults, regular exercise has been shown to provide a myriad of health benefits for older adults, too! Here are just a few of the benefits: fall prevention, improvements in blood pressure, diabetes, lipid profile, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cognitive, social and activity of daily living functions.

Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month. For 55 years, Older Americans Month (OAM) has been observed to recognize older Americans and their contributions to our communities. Led by the Administration for Community Living’s Administration on Aging, every May offers the opportunity to hear from, support, and celebrate our nation’s elders. This year’s OAM theme, “Engage at Every Age,” emphasizes the importance of being active and involved, no matter where or when you are in life. You are never too old (or too young) to participate in activities that can enrich your well-being.

Quality Staff = Quality Care

Several members of the Friendly Home’s clinical team have recently been recognized for their contributions and achievements in the field of aging. As providers of care for the elderly in our community, the people we serve are our highest priority. The quality of our staff directly impacts the quality of care we deliver, and these colleagues are certainly the best of the best!

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

For your safety:

·  Proper hand washing is key to prevent the spread of germs and illness, especially in the winter months.

·   In case of an emergency, consider installing a personal response or medical alert buttons if you live alone.

·   Avoid getting up too quickly when changing positions or when initially going out into the cold, to prevent lightheadedness or dizziness and possibly a loss of balance.

"You Don't Have to Worry About Much of Anything at Cloverwood!"

At Cloverwood Senior Living, we believe the best people to tell our story are the people who live here! Each fall, Cloverwood invites guests to join us for a resident panel to learn about life at our Pittsford senior living community. Current residents talk about a range of topics, including when and why they decided to make a lifestyle change, the challenges and opportunities of downsizing, and what they love about life at Cloverwood.

Empathy at the Heart of Caregiving

As the Friendly Home’s Staff Education Supervisor, my responsibilities include interviewing potential Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). and helping CNAs develop into successful skilled care providers who advocate for our Members and families. 

Friends Are Thankful for Your Time!

It was immediately apparent that at the Friendly Home, the people are just that: friendly. Since the first time I volunteered at the Friendly Home in 2015, I have felt welcome and appreciated.

“It’s your time, and we would love if you would choose to spend it with us!” Mary Graham, the volunteer coordinator, said when I met her for the first time. With this simple comment, it was clear that the Friendly Home truly values the choice their volunteers make to give time and efforts to this community.

March is National Nutrition Month!

Nutrition tips for older adults

Small steps can get you on the road to eating healthy. Here are some tips to help you on your journey to good nutrition and good health!

Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate or in your bowl. Choose foods that provide the nutrients you need without too many calories. Build your healthy plate with foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein foods.  Here are a few tips to follow:

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Working in a nursing home as a Chaplain can be a very interesting job. For some, it can take a toll, and for others it can truly be a witness to God's amazing grace. I am one of the latter.


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