Life is Good at Cloverwood!

It’s been a busy summer and fall at Cloverwood! In August, we hosted our second annual Resident Panel. We invited members of the community to Cloverwood to hear firsthand from our residents about what life is like here. Residents shared stories about why they chose Cloverwood as their senior living community, how they downsized, and their experiences as Cloverwood residents.

The Magic of Music

Music plays an important role in our everyday lives, often more than we even realize.  As we age we still ‘feel’ rhythm and the impact of music even if our hearing or cognitive capability is affected.  Studies have shown that music is powerful, engaging, and can tap into our inner being.  We know that when music is involved it can help us celebrate a special occasion, or to sing with a loved one, and when that special tune is played, it often reminds us of those sweet memories that fill our hearts.

Back to Health, Back to Home Success Stories!

One of the greatest joys of being a therapist in the Lovejoy Transitional Care Center (TCC) is watching our patients meet their therapy goals and eventually get discharged home:  independently and back to health!  Let us share some of our success stories here on the Lovejoy TCC:

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty

Good nutrition doesn't have to consist of inflexible rules or mean you have to sacrifice taste. Summer is here making it easier than ever to eat healthily and deliciously with loads of gorgeous fruit and vegetables. Farmers markets offer these summer delights at low cost! Here are some tips to help you enjoy summer’s bounty:

Celebrating Our Certified Nursing Assistants!

National Certified Nursing Assistants Week is June 12 – June 19. At the Friendly Home,  Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a very important role 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They are the caregivers who know our Members best, and spend the most one on one time with Members. Their compassionate care and friendship with our Members (and their families) is invaluable and a big part of what makes the Friendly Home such a special place.

Living Our Values

Most organizations have formal mission and philosophy statements, and it is becoming increasingly common to have a standard set of values as well. The Friendly Home’s Values are: Friendship, Teamwork, Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, and Customer Focus. It’s vital that an organization demonstrates these values in the behaviors that employees practice every day and that they are inherent in all that we do to help those who live, work and interact with us have the best possible experience. In order to accomplish this, values have to play a prominent role in our everyday world.

Celebrating Our Nurses

Sometime throughout our lives, a nurse has touched us all.  You might have met a nurse in the hospital who provided great care to you or a family member.  Or, when a loved one resided in an assisted living community or nursing home, a nurse may have played a significant role in helping your loved one adjust to their new home and community.

While nurses are trained to provide appropriate clinical support no matter what setting they work in, they also provide so much more than that.  Nurses show unending compassion and bring that human connection to the patients they care for.  

“It Feels Like Home As Soon As You Walk In”

Cloverwood Senior Living recently hosted a panel discussion. The panelists: our residents. The audience: guests from the community interested in a potential move to a senior living community. The outcome: lots of helpful tips and advice!

Friendly Senior Living in the Digital Age

Friendly Senior Living in the Digital Age

The idea of a senior living community taking an active role in social media may seem strange. But, in our increasingly digital world, much of the communication between an organization and the public happens online in the form of posts, blogs, tweets and shares. Friendly Senior Living is at the forefront of the movement towards digital engagement, and has developed a wide variety of ways for families, friends, staff, volunteers, and even Members to participate!

Happy New Year!

Another new year, another round of New Year’s Resolutions! We asked a variety of folks around the Friendly Home to share their hopes, goals and ambitions for 2014. Here are the responses we’ve received from our staff, Members, TCC patients, and families. Though simply stated, many of these sentiments are quite profound and meaningful, focusing on family, healthy lifestyles, self-improvement and friendship. We wish everyone a bright, happy and healthy new year!


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