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"You Don't Have to Worry About Much of Anything at Cloverwood!"

At Cloverwood Senior Living, we believe the best people to tell our story are the people who live here! Each fall, Cloverwood invites guests to join us for a resident panel to learn about life at our Pittsford senior living community. Current residents talk about a range of topics, including when and why they decided to make a lifestyle change, the challenges and opportunities of downsizing, and what they love about life at Cloverwood.

"Don't Wait Too Long to Move to Cloverwood"

Each year, Cloverwood Senior Living hosts a panel discussion. Our residents share their valuable perspectives on a variety of topics with guests who may be interested in moving to a senior living community such as Cloverwood.

Life is Good at Cloverwood!

It’s been a busy summer and fall at Cloverwood! In August, we hosted our second annual Resident Panel. We invited members of the community to Cloverwood to hear firsthand from our residents about what life is like here. Residents shared stories about why they chose Cloverwood as their senior living community, how they downsized, and their experiences as Cloverwood residents.

“It Feels Like Home As Soon As You Walk In”

Cloverwood Senior Living recently hosted a panel discussion. The panelists: our residents. The audience: guests from the community interested in a potential move to a senior living community. The outcome: lots of helpful tips and advice!

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